MOTEL BIBLE - Regression
MOTEL BIBLE - Regression
MOTEL BIBLE - Regression
MOTEL BIBLE - Regression
MOTEL BIBLE - Regression
Heathen Hand Records

MOTEL BIBLE - Regression

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MOTEL BIBLE - Regression

Simply put, MOTEL BIBLE is Techgrind, but these guys fire on all cylinders and leave the listener in a mental scramble. Hailing from Pennsylvania, they are most certainly not your typical grind act as you can hear the influence of many different genres packed in. Hot damn are we happy to have this beast on vinyl. 

If you’re familiar with Oktober Skyline, Orphan Donor or Secret Cutter to name a few, Motel Bible is from the same brilliant minds. Motel Bible has always felt like a more refined and dialled in version of Oktober Skyline to us. Regression is a collection of all the bands works: 2006 Demo, Industrial Waste and a live set from Jeff The Pigeon.

Recorded by Jared Stimpfl, this collection has been remastered for vinyl by Arthur Rizk of Motel Bible, and holy hell have these tracks really been brought to life. We can’t wait for you guys to be able to hear this in all its glory; no more grainy, over abused YouTube rips.  

We have worked primarily with Jared through the process of this release and it needs to be said, he is an absolute sweetheart. Thank you to Motel Bible for the trust, and thank you to the Daves of ZBR for letting us hop on and kinda run with it.
Heathen Hand Records and Zegema Beach Records are so damn excited to bring you MOTEL BIBLE - Regression, for the first and last time on vinyl!

Limited to 275 copies, over 4 variants:

/25 An Anti-Christian Wax Mage Investment
/50 Give A Mage Enough Rope And Eventually It'll Mystery Itself
/100 The Mathematical Theory Of Metallic Records
/100 Swirl Sermons

- Matte, heavy cardstock jackets
- Black poly lined inners
- 2 sided black and white insert
- Bonus item
- Individual silver foil sequential numbering
- Poly outer sleeve

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